Sunday, January 8, 2012

Guardians are SEXY AND I KNOW IT! Do you?

Ften's Progress Report:
Class: Jedi Knight
Advanced Class: Guardian
Current Level: 39
Mood: 5 hours of sleep and a 12 hour shift of overtime on a Sunday! Oh and I guess the real answer would be...FUCKING ECSTATIC!

***I know I promised a video blog however I don't have a webcam yet(I know I know, like 12 bucks, I'm getting one!).***

So it has been a good week and I had quite a chunk of time, according to My profile on, I played 42 hours of SWTOR in the last 7 days. That number must be taken with a grain of salt because I spent a good 4 hours in the queue to get into "The Swiftsure" over the course of those 7 days.

So what people have kept saying to me is that Guardians get harder into their 30s. I keep hearing, "Oh well just get doc, things take forever to kill but it is the only way to level because we are so bad, blah blah blah, bloated skillset, blah blah blah underpowered, blah blah blah, QQ."

So what I decided is that I AM NOT GOING TO USE DOC AT ALL.
I might be stubborn, but I think that many players just do not know how to play video games. I spent about 30 minutes Thursday and recorded a quick stream in order to show that you can level without Doc, That you can use Kira, as a Defense skilled Guardian. That you can quest quickly, very quickly. Without further adieu here is the video.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains explicit content, quite a few vulgarities and a terrible accent. 

---Skip to about 1:55 if you want to go past the part where I set up the stream and junk---

Transcription: A whole bunch of Boston speak I can't understand even though I said it. Something about a cah, bah, hahvahd, swearing, strange sounds. The end.
Random Monty Python Reference: Those who have written this transcription have been sacked. 

So what should you take away from this? 
  1. The more things you can interrupt/stun the less damage you take, the more killing you get done. (IMPORTANTE!)
  2. You need to use cooldowns constantly. On a consistent basis. 
  3. You need to plan out each pull when you start out, until you know exactly whom is going to cast what.
  4. As a Guardian, you are not underpowered. 
  5. You should always have Stims/Medpaks. Always. Either get friends or spend the extra few thousand credits. 
  6. Let Kira take some damage, she's not a paper towel, she can definitely handle herself. 
  7. Directly after streaming this I had three occasions where Empire players of equal level jump me(including a damn inquisitor) and I won each 1v1 encounter with more than 50% of my HP left. 
  8. ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE. The worst thing you can do is get down on yourself. If you get frustrated ever, take a break, or meditate, Fos Rah Do something. What we do is only fun if you are positive about your experience with an open mind. 

What now? 
  • Well I am level 39 now, was 38 in the video, and I am done with Quesh and moving onto my next big thing tonight, whatever planet that is.
  •  I had zero issues at all thus far. 
  • I am now 8-2 in my Warzone history on live.
  •  I have only lost one open world pvp encounter and it was a 3v1 where I still took out their healer before I went down. 
  • I have tanked multiple flashpoints and find them all completely enjoyable and the layout is some of the most enjoyable instances I've ever done from a story/artwork/logistics standpoint. 

Overall, I have to give my Guardian a fun factor of about ~200.33(repeating of course)%. I am a tank. It is what I do. I have never played a game, where a tank class, was this fun to level, on launch. Usually tanks start out very weak in leveling. In Warcraft I leveled a Protection Warrior straight out of Vanilla launch and it was painfully slow, boring and just mind-numbing. The Guardian however is none of those things. I have CC options, I have a very powerful companion, I have great survivability and plenty of burst damage if I need it. 

If you are still on the proverbial fence about the Guardian, get off. We are awesome. I want a bit more AOE aggro that I can frontload on mobs. I would also like a few skills moved around(LOOKING AT YOU from the Vigilance tree. I would like to see my resolve bar affect snares/slows along with CC abilities so that I don't get CC trained when I should not be in Warzones. I hope I have been helpful to everyone out there and I want to tell you to remain positive about it if nothing else. Always take the things you read on forums lightly as most of the time people only go there to complain, and not help. How many people are happy with something and run to the forums to tell everyone about it? Fewer than the vocal minority, that is how many. 

Good luck all you sexy people and Je promets semaine prochaine vlog! (little french there for you in case you feel like translating. 

And just because I feel like it is hilarious, I leave you with perfidious man-junk hilarity. 

Seriously, five of us sat at work yesterday morning doing the wiggle for 10 minutes. Shit is hilarious.

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